Underland is the title I picked for my very first comic book. Even though I had the story in mind for years, it is still on its first stage of development: giving a face to the characters, inventing details such as animals and tertiary characters, creating the landscape and the space where the story is going to take place… This is a long process, and unfortunately I can’t give it all the time I would like to (one has to eat!).

You will find Underland very soon on https://tapastic.com/! Meanwhile, feel free to explore my creative process, from character designing to story making.

My main and secondary characters are finding their shape, little by little:
Isaiah, The Fallen Man, main protagonist
Alinta and Koa, his companions
– The priest Cohyn
– The Seer, Yindi, the uniter
To come: a few healers, the storyteller, some wildlings and the clans’ leaders!

Behind the pages:
Background and colour
To come: probably a bit about my awkward all-by-hand technic…

The Context: (have a look at the summary in the About section)
Underland’s tribes
To come: the political organisation of the tower, the geography and Earth’s mutations and a bit of history.